Our Global Community

Community is everything. The world is changing and we’ve moved away from the bygone era of broadcast media into the realm of earned audiences and social influence. Brands need to build loyalty and community in new ways. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and we’re in a strong position to help orientate brands to navigate this new era of exponential technology.

The world's largest, dynamic community has been born through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat and Twitter, to name but a few. Be Social Global works with all of these leading platforms and understands their unique impact. These relationships serve to further amplify the insight and reach of our contact.

Our Global Connections

Britannia Elevation is a strategy and investment company, operating primarily in the technology, luxury and professional service sectors to help brands achieve their full, global potential.

It’s all very grown up and lends a solid business compass to our fresh thinking with a proven track record for delivering innovative opportunities and effective executions in 16 international markets.

We also benefit from unlimited access to a community of the world’s most influential thought leaders and business principals, in emerging and growth markets.