@DAVEBURT : It's somewhat amusing, an oxymoron perhaps, that our blog begins as our altruism movement @DoSomethingForNothing goes viral on Facebook, thanks to two hefty features from Mashable and The Huffington Post. 

Of course we are very used to making things go viral - that's what we do. It's something you can orchestrate. But when it's the other way around, and something that has taken time, pain, hardship, love, sacrifice and quite frankly blood, sweat and tears, suddenly leaps into life - well it's quite a moment and it can catch you by surprise. 

It also goes to show that sometimes the purest, most genuine and simple concepts are the things that get maximum traction on social media. No funny business. No hidden agendas. Pure love? Ok. We like. 

The Huffington Post has already been shared over 9,000 times, and the video viewed nearly 900,000 times. That's a lot of people being exposed to the concept that every day, we can all #DoSomethingForNothing, and no matter how small your act of kindness, you can make a huge difference to someone's day or life. And the social age that we live in means that everyone's individual inspiration is now being sprayed around the internet. That was always the idea, but it's a thrill to see it taking off! 

The more @Josh Coombes, @MattSpracklen and myself press into this, the more you realise that actually, one of the most profound changes taking place, can often be in the heart of the giver, not the receiver. Although clearly, the recipients of kindness are regularly moved powerfully by acts of unconditional love. But the sheer act of focusing your love and your positivity on someone else, takes your focus off the negatives in your own life. It's good for your soul. 

People who have battled with depression speak of life taking on a whole new meaning, as they testify to shifting their gaze from their own circumstances, and focusing instead on making a difference to someone else's day or life. It can take a few goes to get used to it, even plucking up the courage to talk to a stranger can be daunting. But beyond those initial moments of courage comes a world of freedom whereby it can become second nature to buy someone a coffee, or to stop and chat to the guy selling the Big Issue, who is mostly ignored.

Social media can be used for many purposes. But it's at its best when it inspires global change and the outpouring of love and kindness. Could we change the world? We continue to dream. 

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